Notre Equipe

Davina Bulot Directrice Générale

Native from a hotel family background for several generations, the passions of travelling, tailor-made services and hotel business always found an echo in me! Hotel studies in Switzerland, numerous years of expatriation in Spain, USA and Italy gave me enough knowledge, experience and the ambition to create my company Himalaya 10 years ago.

I am an explorer in the soul, love the human contact, speak 4 languages, love more that all the overtaking in oneself and especially the team spirit, practices regularly sports at sea or mountains because I am thus a former climber reconverted into a young surfer.

"Communicating on extraordinary places in the world is for me a real nature. My idea of high end hotels? The promise of an intense and emotional experience, an invitation to dream. A journey in the summit!"

Claire Cibois Sales & Marketing Manager

I have always dreamed of travels around the world, so before starting my studies of foreign languages at University, I flew to West Africa for 1 month to discover Ivory Coast and Ghana.

I arrived in Paris at 20 to get my first job at Donatello and finished my graduation in English and German, by working. This specialist producer gave me the taste of tailored trips. I had developed this sense during 2 years at STI Voyages then at Beachcomber Tours during almost 8 years. All these experiences gave a great knowledge of the tourism industry through the tour operators and the offline and online travel agencies. These last years with the Mauritians made me love the luxury and charming properties and want to work for hospitality.

I support sustainability to have the less impact as possible on the environment and social issues, to use the local materials and to be aware of the products quality. In this goal, I support a project in Mali: a sustainable camp in Sirabougou village. I am proud to enter the Himalaya team and to be in charge of the promotion of Six Senses which are both close to these values.

Sports are also very important to me, I have practiced Capoeira for few years, tennis, running. Eager to learn, I love discover and practice new activities and live new adventures in France or abroad. My degree gave me the love of foreign languages and I am still learning new one to improve the human relations.

My dreams of travel have never leave me and I still have a packed bag to discover new places as often as I am able to.

Anthony Valen Conseiller Commercial

Avec 20 ans d'expérience dans l'hospitalité de luxe, je rejoins l’équipe d’Himalaya collection en tant que conseiller commercial.

Ma carrière m'a donné l'occasion de travailler pour un tour opérateur français (Kuoni) plusieurs années et des hôtels de luxe en tant que Senior Sales position au Portugal (Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbonne), je me suis ensuite dirigé sur le poste de directeur des ventes pour un paradis de la santé et du bien-être en Espagne (SHA Wellness Clinic), avant de prendre le poste de directeur des ventes et du marketing pour IL BORRO, fantastique relais & châteaux du Président Salvatore Ferragamo, basé en Toscane.

Ma connaissance de l'hôtellerie, des tournées d'exploitation et des marchés internationaux de luxe, ainsi que mes relations personnelles avec les agences de voyages de luxe, les marchés de DMC et de grossiste dans le monde entier, sont les atouts pour apporter la vision de la collection Himalaya dans le monde entier.

J'ai une véritable passion pour le voyage et la découverte avec la connaissance de plus de 65 pays et parle cinq langues: français, espagnol, portugais, italien et anglais.

Travailleur acharné, capable d'écouter attentivement et de donner la bonne solution immédiatement, je suis considéré par mes clients et collègues comme un excellent professionnel. J'ai toujours un comportement vrai et aidant qui est très apprécié.